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The workplace of the future is coming. Over the last few years we have been focusing on shaping an efficient and engaging workplace. The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to rethink the approach to the way and place where we work. Now is the time to take your workplace to the next level.

With us you will:

Make objective decisions

Make office decisions based on data and control office costs.

Optimize office size

Optimize your office space and deliver excellent service. Make your office flexible and easy to adapt.

Create a flexible workplace

Understand your employees' work styles and habits, and adjust the office to their needs. Make your employees’ office experience unique.

Digitalize your office

Make your office digital. Automate and optimize your work processes.

Be flexible and digital, apply smart solutions​

We’ll help you to create a workplace of the future, which will meet your business needs and your coworkers’ expectations.

Workplace Surveys

Discover your employees’ needs and current workplace habits. Understand how effective your  current work environment is and what improvements would be welcomed. 

Workplace Analytics

Using workplace occupancy sensors, collect data to understand how exactly your people use the space, and make better changes in your organization.

Workplace Strategy

Adapt your workplace to the current business needs and apply the best strategy and workplace operating model. 

Use the smart tools to fulfill current needs​

The new market situation requires identifying the most important current problems in implementing a back-to-office strategy  and finding a targeted solution.

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real estate cost reduction

Up to 50% of office space is underutilized. Addressing growth, optimizing processes, or downsizing offices are some of the solutions to lower costs.

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increased performance

Employees with strong feelings of pride and respect declare up to 40% higher engagement and productivity.

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talents response rate

Modern and innovative workplace help you get a 20% higher number of candidates to work in your recruitment process and a lower rotation rate.

Trusted us

We cooperated with Ms Marta Domaradzka on restructuring the management of the Centre as a research entity. Cooperation with Marta not only met our expectations and the set goals, but also helped us take the management of the Centre to a different level.
Dr Hab Paweł Kaczmarczyk
Director of the Centre of Migration Research / Warsaw University
On behalf of Colliers International Poland I must say we highly recommend cooperating in business consulting with Ms Marta Domaradzka. The projects, conducted really professionally, met our expectations and were in step with the set goals.
Paweł Skałba
Board Member / Colliers International Poland

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