Workplace Analytics

This application is an intelligent analytical software that is connected to desk occupancy sensors. It provides objective data about real-time office usage and proposes solutions to improve workplace utilization.


Know your data before
you make the decision​

Workplace Analytics offers precise insights into your organization’s office space utilization. This enables informed decisions on space allocation, potential reductions in office size, and energy savings. Through deep analysis and optimization, it addresses questions like the number of employees your current or reduced space can accommodate, or the best hybrid model to adopt.

Tracking office utilisation​

Manage your office by department to determine utilization: discover when, which days, and how long desks and offices are occupied. Use data-driven insights to make changes.

Workplace optimization

Utilize analytics to optimize your real estate and create a more effective workplace. Define an efficient hybrid model and adapt it for office planning.

Workplace Analytics Use Cases

Real estate optimization

Forecast occupancy, plan capacity and spatial needs, and determine absorption rates.

Informed decisions across the company

FM, HR, and IT can make decisions about the workforce and workplace policies based on data insights.

Workplace occupancy

Monitor the frequency and duration of desk and meeting room use to optimize space allocation and usage and determine which areas are under or overutilized.

Office initiatives planning

Plan office initiatives based on when and from which departments people come to the office.

Hybrid model efficiency

Assess the hybrid work model for each department and/or team.

Office technology planning

Determine the equipment, infrastructure, and tools needed to support a hybrid workplace model.


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Here are the features of our workplace analytics & optimization solutions:

Starter Proffessional Enterprise
Analytics features
Real time workplace occupancy data
Average and peak usage
Workplace occupancy monitoring data and performance indicators (KPIs)
Hybrid profile distribution by department
Workplace utiization report (pdf)
Custom reports
Workplace optimization options
Hybrid modeling options
Carbon footprint calculation
Workplace strategy consultancy
Application features
Web/ mobile application
Timeslot definition
Analysis configuration
API Access
Meeting/Calendar integration
Booking-system integration
Technical support
Assigned access
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Monthly operation calls
Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

How it works?

TMRW’s smart sensors gather occupancy data, and predefined tracking algorithms track people’s movements, whether they’re seated or walking. The Workplace Analytics application analyzes and reports on workplace occupancy, utilization, and other performance measures over time. Furthermore, the application identifies individual desk usage and correlates it with its precise location in the office.

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