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We use proven methodologies to measure and analyze employee workplace experience. Based on insights from the collected data and our recommendations, you can make informed decisions to plan the future, mitigate risks, and create a high-performance work environment.

Workplace Surveys

Workplace Analytics

Workplace Strategy

Workplace Surveys

We measure satisfaction and engagement at the workplace. Thanks to this, we know how
employees rank their organizations and are opportunities for improvement.

We assess to what extent the office provides proper conditions for performing tasks and
what specific difficulties employees encounter that can reduce the efficiency and quality of

We analyze readiness to change factors while introducing remote, hybrid, or mobile work

Our surveys:

Workplace assessment 360
Workplace workstyles & feasability
Work at home program assessment
High performance workplace

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Workplace Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring and reporting of office use is an excellent tool to support company management.

With objective data, which come from our sensory network, you can:
a. decide on leasing an office of the right size,
b. reduce unused areas,
c. change the arrangement of the office,
d. introduce an effective hybrid model,
e. hire new employees without renting additional space.

Our services:

Workplace usage and utilization report
Workplace benchmarking

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Workplace Strategy

The workplace strategy is a plan aimed at increasing employees’ engagement and
satisfaction, and thus – improving their work efficiency.

In the document, we recommend:
a. new work and cooperation models and processes,
b. assumptions for a new functional office structure,
c. an implementation plan that corresponds to the business goals

We can support you during the entire process of implementing the new work model andchange management.

Our services:

Workplace strategy
Workplace model
Change management
and transformation roadmap

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Does your office have

the right size and functional layout?

Over the last  few years, we have identified a few common challenges almost every modern  developing company has been facing.

Overinvestment in office space

With 30%-50% of unutilized office space, companies are overinvesting considerable amount of money.

Employees’ efficiency loss

Offices are maladjusted to the type of work performed there - employees lack the space they need.

Lack of office flexibility in business ups & downs

Inability to quickly adapt the office to changing employment conditions due to the lack of objective data on the use of the office space.

Offices were used at a moderate level prior to 2020,

but have been hardly ever used during the pandemic.

Market research shows that until 2020 office use was moderate and varied across industries. To efficiently use their offices, many companies  have transformed them and optimized their size. Since the pandemic was declared, offices have been rarely used.




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Recent data shows

ambiguous increase in work efficiency


employees are more productive when telecommuting than when working  in the regular office


employees are better organized at home


employees clock more hours working from home than in the office 


employees have a clear need to stay in touch with their colleagues

Work efficiency study  during pandemic **10.2010 Rzetelna firma

Workplace Transformation Program for company HQ

This big international company aimed to change their workplace from a traditional one to modern  one. The key goal was to implement a new workplace strategy, which would boost work efficiency and ensure a better work environment. 

Remote work concept. Working at home. Telework.

Workplace monitoring based on IoT sensory system

A year after the Covid-19 pandemic struck, this Polish IT company aimed to implement a new hybrid working model and an efficient work-at-home program.

Workplace strategy implementation and change management

This big Polish industrial company aimed at changing their work model and workplace environment in the main office in Warsaw.